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On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Valerie Brown <vbrown3 at houston.rr.com> wrote:
> Subject: [ANSTHRLD] Device
>     Hi I have somebody who wants a badge. They want a roundel vert
> with two roses argent slipped and leafed will there be any
> conflicts. Does anyone know. Thanks Lady Valeria

Please use punctuation It makes it easier to read Were used to using
it for information on how to interpret text

About the subject line and the first sentence: in SCA heraldic
terminology, there are two classes of armory.  Something can be a
"device" or it can be a "badge", but not both.  The device is the
unique coat of arms for a person, and it must have a field.

A person may have zero or more badges.  They can be used to show
allegiance, and to identify retainers and other property (and other
purposes). In period, badges used for property and allegiance were
usually fieldless.

Can you describe the design in more detail?  Is it indeed a badge?
Do they want a fieldless design with a green roundel in particular, or
do they just wnat a green background, and the badge submission form
just happens to be in the shape of a roundel?  What are the relative
positions of the two roses: in pale like ":", in fess like "..", or
something else?  In what direction(s) are the stems lying: palewise
like "|", fesswise like "-", bendwise like "\", et cetera?  The rose
flowers are specified as being white; what is the color of the stem
and leaves ("slipped and leafed") -- also white or something else?

Daniel de Lincolia
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