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 It is badge.They already have a device. They want the green roundel with 2
roses argent slipped and leafed . In other words in contrast with the
tincture. I'm more of book herald than a device so please excuse my
ignorance. On this since I haven't done a submission in about 5yrs. That is
why I'm asking for help. Thank you so much . Lady Valeria.
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> On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Valerie Brown <vbrown3 at houston.rr.com> wrote:
> > Subject: [ANSTHRLD] Device
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> >     Hi I have somebody who wants a badge. They want a roundel vert
> > with two roses argent slipped and leafed will there be any
> > conflicts. Does anyone know. Thanks Lady Valeria
> Please use punctuation It makes it easier to read Were used to using
> it for information on how to interpret text
> About the subject line and the first sentence: in SCA heraldic
> terminology, there are two classes of armory.  Something can be a
> "device" or it can be a "badge", but not both.  The device is the
> unique coat of arms for a person, and it must have a field.
> A person may have zero or more badges.  They can be used to show
> allegiance, and to identify retainers and other property (and other
> purposes). In period, badges used for property and allegiance were
> usually fieldless.
> Can you describe the design in more detail?  Is it indeed a badge?
> Do they want a fieldless design with a green roundel in particular, or
> do they just wnat a green background, and the badge submission form
> just happens to be in the shape of a roundel?  What are the relative
> positions of the two roses: in pale like ":", in fess like "..", or
> something else?  In what direction(s) are the stems lying: palewise
> like "|", fesswise like "-", bendwise like "\", et cetera?  The rose
> flowers are specified as being white; what is the color of the stem
> and leaves ("slipped and leafed") -- also white or something else?
> Daniel de Lincolia
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