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Tue Apr 20 13:44:26 PDT 2004

>  It is badge.They already have a device. They want the green roundel with 2
> roses argent slipped and leafed . In other words in contrast with the
> tincture. I'm more of book herald than a device so please excuse my
> ignorance. On this since I haven't done a submission in about 5yrs. That is
> why I'm asking for help. Thank you so much . Lady Valeria.

What Daniel was asking about regarding the roundel is whether the background of 
the badge is green or whether the submitters want a fieldless background with a 
green roundel on it.  If I remember right, that isn't do-able since it would be 
interpreted as a badge with a green background.  The easiest way to tell what 
they want regarding this question is to look at the form (assuming they've 
already drawn one).  If the green goes all the way to the edges of the emblazon 
area (the roundel shape) on the badge form, then the background is green.  If 
they have drawn a circle in the middle of the emblazon area (the roundel shape) 
on the badge form, then they are trying for "[Fieldless] A roundel vert ...".

Have they told you how they want the roses positioned?

They could be side by side: 
     O  O
     |  |
     |  |

They could be one over the other horizontally:


They could be in an X:

     O  O
     /  \


Position affects conflict checking, so we need to know the position for the 

>From your description, the roses are white.  But what color is the slipping and 
leafing?  Is it also white?  Is the stem white?

Hopefully I've phrased these questions clearly.  Armory is not my main field by 
any stretch of the imagination...  :)


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