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         They want  the roses side by side I think and they want regular
stems on the roses if possible. No they haven't drew out yet so this is just
a rough Idea but I think they want it fieldless. Lady Valeria

> >  It is badge.They already have a device. They want the green roundel
with 2
> > roses argent slipped and leafed . In other words in contrast with the
> > tincture. I'm more of book herald than a device so please excuse my
> > ignorance. On this since I haven't done a submission in about 5yrs. That
> > why I'm asking for help. Thank you so much . Lady Valeria.
> What Daniel was asking about regarding the roundel is whether the
background of
> the badge is green or whether the submitters want a fieldless background
with a
> green roundel on it.  If I remember right, that isn't do-able since it
would be
> interpreted as a badge with a green background.  The easiest way to tell
> they want regarding this question is to look at the form (assuming they've
> already drawn one).  If the green goes all the way to the edges of the
> area (the roundel shape) on the badge form, then the background is green.
> they have drawn a circle in the middle of the emblazon area (the roundel
> on the badge form, then they are trying for "[Fieldless] A roundel vert
> Have they told you how they want the roses positioned?
> They could be side by side:
>      O  O
>      |  |
>      |  |
> They could be one over the other horizontally:
>      -----O
>      -----O
> They could be in an X:
>      O  O
>       \/
>       /\
>      /  \
> Etc.
> Position affects conflict checking, so we need to know the position for
> roses.
> >From your description, the roses are white.  But what color is the
slipping and
> leafing?  Is it also white?  Is the stem white?
> Hopefully I've phrased these questions clearly.  Armory is not my main
field by
> any stretch of the imagination...  :)
> Mari
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