kobrien@texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Tue Apr 20 16:47:59 PDT 2004

>          They want  the roses side by side I think and they want regular
> stems on the roses if possible. No they haven't drew out yet so this is just
> a rough Idea but I think they want it fieldless. Lady Valeria

Well, the way the badge rules/precedents/etc. work, they can either have 

     - the roses on a green background (Vert, two roses...)

or they can have 

     - the badge fieldless ([Fieldless] Two roses...)

They can't have the roses on a green roundel with a fieldless background 
([Fieldless] On a roundel vert, two roses...).

The reason is that a roundel is a way that armory was displayed, just like on a 
shield-shape or a lozenge or a square (delf), etc.  If they go with a green 
background, they can display the badge always as a green circle with roses on 
it that they slap on everything - since the roundel is a mode of display.

There are other folks here who can cite chapter and verse for this issue much 
better than I can.  Hopefully one of them will correct me if I've explained 
something wrong here.

Oh, and one other thing.  If they go with the fieldless option, they may be 
limited regarding what position the roses can be in.  I'm vaguely remembering a 
ruling that you can't have disjoint (not connnected) charges on a fieldless 
badge.  So you may be able to have the roses in saltire (X position) but not 
side by side (| |).  

And, of course, all this is subject to the final design being clear of conflict.

(NOT an armory herald... or at least not one since well before we discontinued 
checking against Papworth...)

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