[ANSTHRLD] A call to all Heralds...

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Wed Apr 21 15:34:58 PDT 2004


You are an evil man whose humor I almost appreciate as much as I do your 
service.  The fact that I almost snorted Dr. Pepper out my nose when 
reading your description of Cthulu guarding the Book of the Herald in no 
wise diminishes my laughter at the description.  But, based on your take on 
the Book, I think you need to know why I laughed so hard.

The Book of the Herald has an editor assigned and it is not Cthulu.  Baron 
Robert Fitzmorgan is working on it for me as a staff position 
(unwarranted), he actually started during Rosalia's term.  I am allowing 
him to use the title of Forerynel Pursuivant as editor.  As an interesting 
aside, Mistress Rosalia looked through the files to figure out what a 
Forerynel could be before handing over the office of principal herald to 
me.  Turns out that when it was registered, the desired meaning was 
"Morning Star."  So, in an obscure sense, Ansteorra has assigned the 
Lucifer Herald to edit the book.

I was also really amused by your note that:  "The traditional step-down 
position of Star Principal Herald is "working on the Book of the Herald", 
after which we don't hear much about them ever again."  Particularly in 
light (no pun intended) of the fact that the Star Emeritus position is the 
Sable Roundel (Black Hole) Herald.

Now that I can breathe again, I am going to go blow my nose and pack up to 
go home.


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