[ANSTHRLD] A call to all Heralds...

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So, now I am Cthulu guarding the Book of The Herald?
Just because it is currently in my house .......geeze give a black hole a

Rosalia (Sable Roundel)
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> Daniel,
> You are an evil man whose humor I almost appreciate as much as I do your
> service.  The fact that I almost snorted Dr. Pepper out my nose when
> reading your description of Cthulu guarding the Book of the Herald in no
> wise diminishes my laughter at the description.  But, based on your take
> the Book, I think you need to know why I laughed so hard.
> The Book of the Herald has an editor assigned and it is not Cthulu.  Baron
> Robert Fitzmorgan is working on it for me as a staff position
> (unwarranted), he actually started during Rosalia's term.  I am allowing
> him to use the title of Forerynel Pursuivant as editor.  As an interesting
> aside, Mistress Rosalia looked through the files to figure out what a
> Forerynel could be before handing over the office of principal herald to
> me.  Turns out that when it was registered, the desired meaning was
> "Morning Star."  So, in an obscure sense, Ansteorra has assigned the
> Lucifer Herald to edit the book.
> I was also really amused by your note that:  "The traditional step-down
> position of Star Principal Herald is "working on the Book of the Herald",
> after which we don't hear much about them ever again."  Particularly in
> light (no pun intended) of the fact that the Star Emeritus position is the
> Sable Roundel (Black Hole) Herald.
> Now that I can breathe again, I am going to go blow my nose and pack up to
> go home.
> Etienne
> Star
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