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>The second is a descriptive and I was not clear on that I apologize. The
>whole name on that is "Rixende la Serin Noir". I had the same concerns

[Here's info for the element <Rixende> - I haven't researched the byname
and probably won't have time to do so at this point - real work and
finishing LoAR stuff is eating my free time.  <Rixende> was easy since I
have lots of articles downloaded and can character search them in the
background while I work on other stuff.]

A good place to start online when researching names is the Medieval Names

The page for French names includes a brief explanation of different
languages spoken in period in the area of what is now France:

	France today is a unified country with a common language. 
	That was not true in our period: It was a collection of 
	dialects, some quite similar, some quite different. The most 
	significant division was between the langue d'oil, or French, 
	spoken in the north, and the langue d'oc, also called Occitan 
	or Provençal, spoken in the south. These were different languages, 
	not just dialects of the same language, and names in them were 
	quite different. The region where Occitan dialects were spoken 
	is shown on this map and this one.

<Rixende> appears in two articles on this page.  However, both have issues
with the spellings of the names in those articles and are langue d'oc
(Occitan, Provençal) rather than langue d'ol (French).

Names from Thirteenth Century Languedoc
by Cateline de la Mor 

lists the name <Rixende>.  However, Arval notes:

	Editor's Note: The names on these lists are a mixture 
	of Latin forms, Old French forms, and modern forms. 
	The masculine names, in particular, are mostly modern 
	English spellings. 

So I don't know how reliable <Rixende> is as a period spelling.  

<Rixende> is also found in: 

Names from Fourteenth Century Foix
by Cateline de la Mor 

However, the author of this article states in the introduction that:

	However, Duvernoy himself translated the original Latin 
	names to modern French. Therefore, the spellings of names 
	in these lists cannot be trusted. 

If you want to use these articles as documentation for the given name
<Rixende>, you (or the submitter) will need to print out the pages of these
articles that list the author & title (usually page 1) and the page that
has the relevant info (which, in this case, is the listing of <Rixende>).  

The submitter may want to allow minor changes - just in case the spelling
<Rixende> turns out to be a problem and the spelling needs to be changed
slightly in order to register the name.


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