[ANSTHRLD] Decision Meeting (s)

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Fri Apr 30 08:25:55 PDT 2004

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Paul E. Kiefer, Jr. <rapierman at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, do they have alternate plans?  My
> "Weatherbug" says that Ravensfort is due for thunderstorms starting
> Friday evening and lasting until Saturday afternoon, possibly into
> the evening.

Weather forecasts ... well, can be found in a lot of places, but I
prefer Weather Underground at
70% chance of thunderstorms from 10 AM to 7 PM Saturday.

Daniel "roll 2d6: 5 or lower saves versus thunderstorm" de Lincolia
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com; tmcd at us.ibm.com is my work address

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