[ANSTHRLD] Rapier Tivar and Broadsword Pendaran

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 10 20:18:13 PDT 2004

*Robin wrote*
> Second issue: they are still using the Order name "Arcus Majoris", even
> though it didn't pass.  Do they even know it was returned?  "Arcus
> doesn't following period practice or Latin grammar, and doesn't even mean
> what they wanted it to.  The correct grammar for the "greater bow" would
> "Arcus Maior" or (in the genitive) "Ordo Arcus Maioris".  But "maior" as
> adjective is always used as a contrast -- it would imply some lesser bow.
> If they want "great bow", then they should use "Arcus Magnus" or "Ordo
> Magni".

*Alden replies*
This submission went through Bordure Herald when I held the office.  It was
entered into the 07/02 ILoI as "Ordo Arcus Maior".  With my Latin
background, I realized this was gramatically incorrect and changed it (it
allowed for changes, and I called Rosalia Star to confirm the change to be
ok) to "Ordo Arcus Magni" in the 12/02 LoI.  It was then returned by Laurel
in 04/03.  As far as I can tell, it was never submitted as "Order of the
Arcus Majoris".  Why it has continued to be called that, I have no idea.
The return in the LoAR stated:

"This order name was submitted with the intended meaning 'Order of the Great
Bow'. Arcus means 'arch, bow, rainbow'. Therefore, the submitted name means
'Order of the Big/Great Arch/Bow/Rainbow'. Both a bow and a rainbow are
heraldic charges and so are reasonable as a noun in an order name. However,
no documentation was presented and none was found to support the
construction Big/Great [heraldic charge] in an order name in period. Lacking
such evidence, this name is not registerable."

So it is possible that the name *could* be registered if sufficient
documentation to that construction (using an adjective of "great") can be
provided.  For whatever reason, it hasn't been yet.

In service,
Alden Drake

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