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Wed Aug 25 12:58:49 PDT 2004

> By any chance does anyone have a copy of the January 1999 Ansteorran
> Gazette? I'm trying to find out the reason for a device submission for
> Dighe na Mara. The device was originally submitted back in 2/94 but was
> listed as "returned" in 12/98 (AG 1/99). I just need to find out if
> there was a reason for return or if it was one of those items that just
> fell between the cracks.
> Thanks 
> Domhnall

Okay, here's the deal on the submissions ruled on 2/94 and 4/94 submissions.

For folks who are not aware, there was a meltdown in the Ansteorran CoH in the 
early/mid '90s.  I was not in Kingdom at the time, but I'm sure other folks 
here know way more about it than they ever wished to know.

Anyway, these submissions were victims of one portion of that meltdown.

While Gwenllian verch Maredudd was Asterisk Herald (sometime in early '98, if 
I remember correctly), she ran across files for the decision meetings for 2/94 
and 4/94.  From the looks of that info, it seemed like the decisions had been 
ruled on, but nothing else had been done with them.  She researched each item 
and found that the kingdom acceptances from 2/94 had been sent up to Laurel, 
but no notifications (as far as she could tell) had been done on the returns 
from that meeting.  Her research also showed that nothing had been done with 
any of the items from the 4/94 meeting (either acceptances or returns).

Given that nearly 4 years had passed between these decision meetings and when 
the kingdom files materialized these records up out of nowhere, it was decided 
that the fairest thing to do for the submitters was to return all of the items 
from 4/94 along with the returns from 2/94.

I believe it was decided to start the "free resub" time period from the date 
of the Gazette (1/99) rather than the original decision meetings since the 
submitters were never notified.

I think there were a couple of cases where the submitters were proactive, and 
when Kingdom could not find the missing records, did resubmissions in the mid 
to late 90s.

I'm not sure there were reasons for returns noted in the files for these 
items.  If so, Medb may be able to check the file and see if there was a 
reason for return for your submitter.

Regardless, the most helpful thing for the submitter at this point would be to 
post what he wants to this list and let folks here check it against current 
rules and registrations.

(who was deputy to Asterisk when she cleaned out this mess)

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