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Maridonna maridonna at maridonna.com
Wed Aug 25 14:14:58 PDT 2004


Here is a complete list of the submittors whose submissions were lost. 
I will list the names of the submittors, group, and what was returned, 
but I'm not going to include the blazons.  It would be too long.

 From January 1999 Gazette
Items from 2/94 ILoI returned as of 12/98

Adysa MacDonald (Wiesenfeuer) - name and device
Brianna Laeitia Cortesani (Wiesenfeuer) - Name and device
Ceorl of Tynne's Hill (Wastelands) - name and device
Colin Severne (Mendersham/Steppes - name and device
Daniel de Lincoln (Steppes/ Bryn Gwlad) - badge
Di'ghe na Mara (Elfsea) - device
Etienne Auguste di Boisgris (Graywood)- device
Galen the Red (Elfsea) - name and device
Katherine Scarlett O'Haran (Elfsea) -name
Loch Gaothach - group name and device
Thomas McCadie (Graywood) -device
Tristan of Starlake (Wiesenfeuer) device

Items from 4/94 ILoI returned as of 12/98

Asdis Grimsdottir (Elfsea) device
Cilwch Corwyn (Elfsea) device
D`un an Locha Ruidh  badge
Fridhur Runolfsdottir (Rosenfeld) name
Reichart Albrecht von Bremen (Mooneschadowe) name
Rhiannon Redwolf (Mooneschadowe) badge
Thorvald Egillson (Northkeep) device
Thorvald Darkbow mac an Ghabhann (Dun an Locha Ruidh) device

Hope this helps.
Andrea / Maridonna
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