[ANSTHRLD] Conflict Check Follow-up

Tim Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Mon May 3 13:44:38 PDT 2004

While we are on Daud precedents, the one that answers your question is:


[Azure, fretty Or, in bend sinister <two charges> vs. Azure fretty Or]
"Since fretty has been shown to be a charge rather than a field treatment in
period, X.1 does not apply. There is only one CVD, for the addition of the
<charges>." (LoAR 12/90 p.17). 

The short answer is that your device is not field only because fretty is a
charge not a field-treatment.  It's a crazy world out there of fret/fretty


Timothy of Glastinbury



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NB: My mind is somewhat mush right now, so, I'm glad I remember my name is
Snorri.  Either I'm still in shock from the weekend or I'm still waterlogged
from it.  Or the Vicoden is having its way with me and I'm really not a
tie-dyed chicken wearing chaps and a fez.  Now, having said that ...


So there's one CD.  IIRC, isn't that sufficient for field-only?  Or is a
field and a field treatment not field-only armory?


I think I know the answer, but it's best to make sure that someone else's
brain is working the same as mine.  Or better.  Than mine's not.  Um.


OK, in real small words, so the bald man can get it ... is the earlier
suggestion registerable, or does it need a clear charge to make it so?




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