[ANSTHRLD] Conflict Check Follow-up

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Mon May 3 14:17:49 PDT 2004

On Mon, 3 May 2004, Snorri Hallsson <snorri at houston.rr.com> wrote:
> So there's one CD.  IIRC, isn't that sufficient for field-only?

No, not at all.

First: as Timothy also noted, a fret == fretty, and a fret is a
charge, and fretty is a charge.

Second: field-only isn't used in the RfS any more.  RfS X.4.a.ii is
now "Field-Primary Armory", which is

    ii.  Field-Primary Armory - If neither of two pieces of armory
         being compared has charges, or if each has the same uncharged
         peripheral ordinary, they may derive greater difference from
         changes to the field.  Such armory will be called
         _field-primary armory_.

(So all field-only armory is field-primary, but there are other
designs that qualify too.)

Third: if you're counting CDs, you always need two.  RfS X.4 starts

  4.  Significant Armorial Differences - Two pieces of armory will not
      be considered to conflict if two clear visual differences exist
      between them.

No exceptions.

Mind you, it's sometimes easier than other times to get a CD.  If
something is fieldless, for example, there's always one CD for the
field, even against other fieldless designs.  And for field-primary
armory, you can get extra CDs for things that would normally just get
you one CD if there were other charges on the field:
- Substantial Change of Partition
- Complete Change of Tincture
- (c) Other Field-Primary Armory - In any case, independent changes to
      the tincture, direction of partition lines, style of partition
      lines, or number of pieces in the partition may be counted
      separately when comparing two pieces of field-primary armory.

But ya still gotta count to two.

Daniel de Lincolia
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com; tmcd at us.ibm.com is my work address

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