[ANSTHRLD] Zodiacus weighs in on this week's award discussions

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Ok, then perhaps what is causing some confusion with the Sable Shield is the
fact that in the July 2004 Black Star, on page 17 is the "Charter for the
Award of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra".  It does say that it is created by
edict, but it identifies it as a "non-armigerous award".  In my book that
would put it at a precedence level 20 award.

I thought an edict was only valid during the reign of a particular Crown,
and was not carried into Kingdom Law.  If that is the case, then it sounds
to me like the Sable Shield was a non-armigerous award that was created
during Miguel's and Conal's reign, and then automatically closed upon their
stepping down.


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> Well I will chime in on the bit about the sable shield....
> Master Modius and I wrote the text.. and it does state that it is a
> edict and that it is non armergious....
> And to agree with alden...
> When a King turns to you and says...
> "I need to come up with something right now because I want to."
> You just do it...
> Not saying that this is the case with the Optio's but in the case of
> the sable shield is the way that occurred...
> I'd be Glad to answer any further questions on it if needed....
> Seamus

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