[ANSTHRLD] Sable Shield (offshoot from: Zodiacus weighs in ...)

Zodiacus Herald zodiacus at ansteorra.org
Mon Sep 13 15:09:00 PDT 2004

Alden Drake wrote:

> Ok, then perhaps what is causing some confusion with the Sable Shield is
> fact that in the July 2004 Black Star, on page 17 is the "Charter for the
> Award of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra".  It does say that it is created
> edict, but it identifies it as a "non-armigerous award".  In my book that
> would put it at a precedence level 20 award.
> I thought an edict was only valid during the reign of a particular Crown,
> and was not carried into Kingdom Law.  If that is the case, then it sounds
> to me like the Sable Shield was a non-armigerous award that was created
> during Miguel's and Conal's reign, and then automatically closed upon
> stepping down.

I specifically asked their-then-Majesties Miguel and Conal if it was their
intent that the Sable Shield be treated as an official award, with the
attendant requirements of obtaining a registered name, and being listed in
the Ansteorran Precedence Roll.  Their response was "No."

--Serena, Zodiacus

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