[ANSTHRLD] Zodiacus weighs in on this week's award discussions

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Fri Sep 10 20:12:24 PDT 2004

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Kimberly Koch <sarapenrose at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Roughly a zillion things about this thread piss me off mightily

"Good afternoon.  Ire, Exception, Pother, and Fuss, Bored certifiable
heralds.  How may I direct your call?"

I *have* been waxing too indignant.  Grumpy, even.

> When a Crown takes office, they become responsible for making any
> number of decisions in fields in which they don't necessarily have
> personal experience. ...
> I *never* as Queen received any communication of this sort, and
> didn't know enough yet to ask for it. In retrospect, I would've
> *loved* to have had a little intro letter from all my officers that
> gave me a heads up on the things I might need to know, but wouldn't
> necessarily know to ask.

Thank you for volunteering to assemble the Royal Handbook.

Seriously: most any other SCA office has a handbook.  So why not
spread the bureaucracy around with another outdated document that 60%
of the people who need it most won't read?  Er, my tongue crept back
in my cheek again.

Seriously seriously: it does sound like an excellent idea.  I heard
that, at one time, the West Kingdom Heralds' Handbook was seven pages,
on the premise that anything longer would never get read.  Perhaps
such a ruthlessly efficient booklet could be done for royalty.  A
publicly-available version might be good to let prospective entrants
in crown tourney know what they could be getting into.  (And maybe a
page handed to each one on the morning of crown tourney titled WHY YOU

Danihel de Lindecolina
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