[ANSTHRLD] Zodiacus weighs in on this week's award discussions

Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 11 09:06:07 PDT 2004

> Thank you for volunteering to assemble the Royal
> Handbook.

I've considered it! LOL. A number of other kingdoms
actually do have royalty handbooks, and I think we've
bandied it around here once or twice.

I have a number of reservations about it, which I
won't go into here because I'm not sure this is the
appropriate forum for it. However, I like the idea of
a page limit, like you mentioned with the West's
Heralds' Handbook. Seems like that would prevent all
manner of ills. :)

> Seriously: most any other SCA office has a handbook.
>  So why not
> spread the bureaucracy around with another outdated
> document that 60%
> of the people who need it most won't read?  Er, my
> tongue crept back
> in my cheek again.

This strikes me as exceptionally funny, since I am a
technical writer who gets paid to write documents no
one will ever read. :D

For anyone who's curious about what such a beastie
might look like, here's a link to the West Kingdom's
Royalty Handbook, which is posted publicly on their
kingdom webpage:


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