[ANSTHRLD] Helpful Heralds (was: Zodiacus weighs in...)

Zodiacus Herald zodiacus at ansteorra.org
Mon Sep 13 15:44:45 PDT 2004

Alisandre wrote:

> And I am a technical editor, and if anyone actually puts such an animal
> together, I'll volunteer to vet it for clarity and effectiveness of
> communication. I know the terminology, but I've also been apart from the
> minutiae, so I think I can serve as "test user" effectively. If anyone
> wants.

Serena writes "How Your College of Heralds Can Help You:  A Guide for the

It is a tome.

Sara vets it into something that isn't offensive to the Crown.

It is a booklet.

Alisandre "vet[s] it for clarity and effectiveness of communication."

A single sheet of paper is returned to Serena, blank except for the title.

Serena cries herself to sleep that night, muttering "Nobody appreciates
legal talk."

--Serena, in a vain attempt to insert some levity into this discussion

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