[ANSTHRLD] Star weighs in...

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Tue Sep 14 07:36:08 PDT 2004

At 09:36 PM 9/13/2004, I wrote:
>This discussion, and its offshoots, did not degenerate into any personal 
>attacks and the few "tirades" were about systems, procedures, or opinions 
>of the way things ought to be (in different opinions).

Having re-read this post this morning, I would like to clarify one 
word.  My use of "tirades" was not to either label or express my opinion of 
the passionate discussions that occurred in this thread.  It was intended 
to point out that what someone might have taken as a "tirade" was, in my 
opinion, a passionate discussion about things ("systems, procedures, or 
opinions") because they care about those things.  In retrospect, that might 
have looked like my opinion and it most certainly was not.

No one wrote me about this.  I just caught the implication after a night's 
sleep and thought I'd be clear.


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