[ANSTHRLD] Star weighs in...

Amanda Geist editor at texas.net
Tue Sep 14 18:47:24 PDT 2004

The venerable Star spake:

> Master Robin and Mistress Serena have not simply alluded, rather they have
> very clearly stated, that there is a defined structure to the Ansteorran
> awards system that is critical to how it works.  I'd like to get that
> documented.  Not the entire tome it would take to explain it, the why of
> it, and the history that resulted in it; what I am looking for is the
> executive summary that would appear at the beginning of such a tome and
> would likely conclude with something like:  "This is the system.  To
> understand the whys, and the history, is a task not unlike the passing on
> of a vocal tradition and history like the pre-written history of
> Ireland.  This document should raise questions; those questions are best
> answered by having a conversation with the heralds who know the history
> who can provide the color to the black and white of the system itself.  To
> reach one of these heralds, contact your principal herald who can point
> in their direction (and likely participate)."  I know Mistress Serena's
> workload in the college right now and Master Robin has other things on his
> plate.  But, first shot at producing a summary document needs to be
> theirs.  I'll talk to them about this offlist since reading this will be
> the first they have heard of it.

As I am married to a very old herald of the region and early principality,
also Crown or great officer during creation of many awards, I'll volunteer
both of us if an early perspective is desired. Robin, Serena, if you want
us, contact me offlist, and my work email is better: lewanski_amanda @


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