[ANSTHRLD] Fall Crown Consultation Table

Galiana de Baiona galiana at houston.rr.com
Sun Sep 19 19:28:47 PDT 2004

I'll be there - will you?

I've been told that a few of you out there in herald-land were wondering if
I was asleep at the switch. Well, it was more like half-dozing while eating
a sandwich and processing AAA submissions. Anyway...

If you plan on coming out to Fall Crown in Trelac and want to assist with
the consultation table, now is the time to make your plans. Let me know if
and when you plan on coming, and what if anything you'll be bringing from
your personal libraries, so we don't have 60 of the same book and none of
the book we actually need. I'll be posting a partial list of what I'm
bringing sometime later, after I reorganize the travelling library. That
should be within the next two or three days. (Right now the only thing I
know for certain is that Armillary does not have a copy of Bardsley. If
someone wants to bring one, that would be great.)

As for the schedule the day of, stay tuned for updates. If you have any
other questions (please, no "Why is the sky blue?" type questions) feel free
to email me at this address.

Galiana de Baiona
Armillary Herald

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