[ANSTHRLD] RE: Name documentation help

Amanda Bowen reason_prevails at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 22 20:59:36 PDT 2004

>I've done some looking, and I don't find <Gilana> anywhere except
>on the baby name websites.  I think you can get pretty close with
>one of the "Juliana" names from the Middle Ages.

Gunnvor, all-

The request that Lord Seamus posted originally came off the Elfsea list. I 
suppose we can chalk the 'joy' reference up to Silly Submitter Tricks.

Also, the lady in question made reference that her name is already Giliana - 
she wishes to change it to Gilana to avoid having people call her "Juliana" 
any more. Strangely enough, it seems a period enough thing to call her thus.

Alas, though, having searched idly through Morlet tonight, I can find no 
traces of the mythical Gilana.

who fortunately never has the "Juliana" problem

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