[ANSTHRLD] Crown consult table and Heraldic Evangelism meeting

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Mon Sep 27 11:07:26 PDT 2004

At 09:40 AM 9/27/2004, Daniel wrote:
>I'm contemplating
>showing up (I have vague memories of Etienne at AHSS getting me drunk
>and shanghai-ing me), ....

1)  Before any other member of the college asks, "NO" I will not pay you in 
booze to do your job.

2)  I swear that it was nothing more than iced tea and fatigue from 
standing through a long conversation that overcame Daniel.  That is my 
story, I'm sticking to it, and CSI cannot prove otherwise.

On a more serious note, the college should expect Lady Galiana (Armillary) 
to be coming back from the western region with some amount of consult 
requests.  When she is back and can post the list of requested help to this 
email list, if you have expertise in one of the noted areas then please do 
volunteer to take on a case for her so we can distribute the workload and 
process these efficiently.


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