[ANSTHRLD] Crown consult table and Heraldic Evangelism meeting

Maridonna maridonna at maridonna.com
Mon Sep 27 08:12:10 PDT 2004


Galiana de Baiona wrote:

> The consultation table this go-round is going to be something different from
> what we normally do. Due to the long travel times involved and projected
> lack of incoming submissions, it has been decided that instead of the normal
> hauling about of libraries and on-site computerized hoo-hah, we will instead
> set aside and announce an interval during the course of the event in which
> the public may come to us and tell us their desired name/culture/what have
> you,

I like this idea.  I would add a question of where did they find the 
names they have chosen?  It would be nice to know if it was a 
made-up, or RPG name or not.

Andrea / Maridonna
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