[ANSTHRLD] Passing the Torch

Stefen and Rhonda Hays housedragonstar at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 27 18:14:49 PDT 2004

After talking with Etienne and Emma, I have decided that it is best to
transition the office of Asterisk effective with Crown Tournament. Now, it
was a point of personal pride for me to say that I made the full two years;
however, after looking at the number of offices transitioning at Coronation,
the incredible skill set of not only Emma, but Estril, I thought that it was
best to handover at Crown.

I first want to thank Etienne, Emma and Estril for leaving this decision up
to me.  I appreciate their consideration in that matter and their
willingness to take over on the quick so that we can all focus on the other
offices that are open.

I want to thank all of those people whom I have called with the unending
questions that I have had, with the commenters' patience with me as I
struggled through all sorts of learning curves, and to Emma and Estril, who
keen eyes saved me over and over again.

I also extend my gratitude to all of those people who show up for decision
meetings and who comment on the ILoIs.  Without them, there is no college
and no consensus.

You have all been great!

I know that I can count on you to do the same for Emma as she takes over
this weekend.  Only we all know that she won't need nearly as much help as I

My sincere congratulations go out to Emma.  She is truly a gifted herald,
extremely organized and will do a superior job.  I have no dount that she
will be one of the best.

Emma and I are still working out the last of the details on the transition
plan, but we can safely say that effective immediately, please send all
submissions to her address.  She is in the Black Star under Obelisk for the

I will transition the Asterisk mail box to her sometime this week.  I have a
few action items I want to clear up.

If all goes well, the files will be in her possession as of Namron

Etienne has a "to do list" for me, now that I am down to just being on of
the evi.- er hum - one of his ER deps, so I won't be far away.

I remain in service to our Crown and College,
Medb Liath

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