[ANSTHRLD] AAA submission report - finally.

Doug Bell debell1 at txcyber.com
Tue Sep 28 21:37:01 PDT 2004

That one should have been on the June LoI.  One of the commenters 
found a precedent that appears to contradict the ruling on Charles
brewer of Alsace as presumptious.
Comments have closed on the June letter so it is Margaret's problem now
to sort the issue out.

And no I don't remember which commenter it was.  I have tried to stay away 
from the baker of York problem to avoid causing bread riots.


>         Edmund Bakere of York. (Brad Leah) 
>     Name.
>               ILoI 4/04 1.
>               Kingdom accepted 6/04 (AG 7/04).
>               In progress. 
> If you have any more questions on this name/device, let me know.
> Hans
> Brad Leah

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