[ANSTHRLD] question about nobility

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Thu Aug 4 09:35:25 PDT 2005

At 11:26 AM 8/4/2005, Alden wrote:
>Just out of idle curiosity, why doesn't the SCA include the ranks of 
>Marquess/Marquis (rank
>between Duke and Earl/Count) and Baronet (below Baron)[1]?  I've never 
>heard this question asked
>or answered before.

         There was, once a time long ago, as movement to include 
Marquess/Marquise for people who were Crown and Coronet.  (You know one 
king and one prince type thing...) but they thought it would never be 
used.  (It was a long time ago.....)  They also thought about the term 
Grand Duke for awhile to someone who ruled five times. (Grand Duke Inman)
         Is Baronet a period term?  For some reason I always thought it was 
later but I haven't had much coffee. What rank would it be for?  Most of 
the Kingdoms have such wide variance in rank for Court Barons.  WOuld it be 
for a particular level of something?

         I always liked Knights Banneret myself.  And I won't bring up the 
whole thought of peers in fealty should be Sir or Dame( regardless of 
type)  and those out of fealty being Master or Mistress.




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