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A Tuscan is someone from the Tuscany region of Italy, and stop calling 
me Herb.


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> This came form the Medieval Fem list. I thought you folk might be able 
> to help?\
> Pegasus
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> From: "Zahedi, Shahrzad" <Shahrzad_Zahedi at brown.edu>
> Date: August 28, 2005 1:20:48 PM CDT
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> Subject: [Medfem-l] Tuscan herb
> Hello.
> I had a question about a medieval herb name "herbe toscane" that is 
> known to have healing powers.
> I found a mention of this herb in a French medieval romance called 
> "L'atre perilleux".
> A woman healer uses "l'herbe toscane" to heal a knight's wounded arm.
> I am not sure if anyone has seen a reference to this herb anywhere 
> else.
> I apologize if this topic is not directly related to feminist studies 
> of the MA.
> It is in my case related to women healers in medieval fiction.
> Any help will be greatly welcomed.
> Shahrzad.
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