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I believe that a Conflict would be called on this, and even if it wouldn't,
in my opinion, it would be poor style to have two very different awards
named so close together, but a good thought process nonetheless!


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I am not a herald per see...

But here is my input after looking over the listed activities that are to be

covered with this Award.

I cannot help but notice that there is only a few items that is required in 
all of these activities - and one of them is a gauntlet or glove.  So as a 
name - how about the Sable Gauntlet of Ansteorra?

Would is this be a conflict with the Kings Gauntlet of Ansteorra and/or the 
Queens Glove of Ansteorra?

Agnarr Thorvaldsson

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> At the last King's Roundtable two items related to awards were announced. 
> First, TRM Ulsted and Cateau have closed the Award of the Optio, 
> previously discussed on this list.  Second, it is TRM intent to open an 
> award in the place of the Optio that is inclusive of all marshallate 
> activities (it will effectively absorb the Optio).  To be specific, this 
> award would be an AoA level award (no orders) much like the Sable Thistle 
> or Sable Comet.  The charter for the award would specify the area of 
> expertise for which the award is being given (ie - a Sable Thistle in 
> Period Cooking would equate to a <New Award> in Chivalric Combat 
> scenario).
> The areas I have heard specifically mentioned as covered by this award 
> would include:  Chivalric Combat, Rapier Combat, Archery, Thrown Weapons, 
> Siege Engines, and Equestrian Activities (Equestrian is under the 
> marshallate).  That list and the exact wording is certainly subject to 
> change at the discretion of the Crown.  But remember that this is not 
> specific to one marshallate activity, it is for all of them (and 
> theoretically could be given more than once for different areas.
> So, what do I need from this list?
> First off, if you disagree with the Crown's intent or actions, then this 
> is not the forum for that discussion.  The forum for your opinion is a 
> personal letter to the Crown or a quiet conversation if you are granted 
> Their ear.  This is the Crown's intent and, therefore, my marching orders.
> Second, the Crown is directly soliciting input on what to name (and 
> therefore related insignia for) the award.  This is the direct opportunity

> of the college to contribute in the naming and creation of an award.  If 
> you have a logic for how your idea fits into the awards structure of 
> Ansteorra, please explain it; you do not have to be right but you may 
> generate discussion for others with your train of thought.  If you can tie

> your suggestion to historical awards or orders or period practice, then 
> include your documentation.
> His Majesty expressed some interest in maintaining the AoA level format of

> a "Sable <item>" to remain consistent with the Sable Comet, Sable Crane, 
> and Sable Thistle.  If you have a really good idea, the "Sable" part may 
> not be a concrete requirement but at this point it is desirable.  If you 
> have suggestions on an award name, please email myself and the Zodiacus 
> Herald (star at ansteorra.org & zodiacus at ansteorra.org) and include your 
> insignia suggestion if you have one and it is not immediately evident.  We

> will be collecting the recommendations.  If you want to post a suggestion 
> to the list because you want commentary (and maybe a conflict check), 
> please do so but copy us as well.  Zodiacus and I will review and collate 
> suggestions and bring them to the Crown for a decision.
> Some people have already emailed me ideas, or shared them verbally at 
> Roundtable or over dinner.  Please add to the ideas for this new award. 
> Right now, consider this a brainstorming period.  We'll focus more after 
> taking ideas to the Crown.
> Etienne
> Star Principal Herald
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