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On Tue, 1 Feb 2005, agnarr <agnarr at cox.net> wrote:
> I cannot help but notice that there is only a few items that is
> required in all of these activities - and one of them is a gauntlet
> or glove.  So as a name - how about the Sable Gauntlet of Ansteorra?

I had the same thought almost immediately.

> Would is this be a conflict with the Kings Gauntlet of Ansteorra
> and/or the Queens Glove of Ansteorra?

It is a long-standing Laurel practice that a submitter is assumed to
give permission to conflict with themselves.  In fact, that was the
one LoAR text I actually inspired (and first-drafted) in my tenure as
Laurel Clerk, in November 2002:

    Timothy of Glastinbury. Badge. Azure, a billet argent.

        It has been requested that the long-standing SCA tradition of
        assuming that a submitter automatically grants himself
        permission to conflict should finally be enshrined, in
        writing, in these hallowed LoARs.  Therefore, let it be
        explicitly known that a submitter is assumed to give himself
        permission to conflict with all names and armory registered to
        him individually or jointly.  Thus, this badge is not held to
        conflict with the submitter's registered device, Azure billety

So the question of conflict, in the College of Arms registration sense
of the term, would not arise.

In any event, name conflict is based on appearance and sound, not
meaning or derivation, except for certain cases.  So "Sable Gauntlet",
"King's Gauntlet of Ansteorra", and "Queen's Glove of Ansteorra" do
not conflict with each other.

However, that's just for registration.  Another issue comes to my
mind: whether Sable Gauntlet would be too reminiscent in the eyes,
ears, and brains of the populace to King's Gauntlet.

Also, gauntlets usually have to do more with heavy combat, I think,
not so likely in rapier combat, irrelevant to equestrian activities,
and almost counterproductive in archery (at least on the drawing
hand).  Another idea I had, Sable Sword, would have much the same
effect.  I think that a name that does not jar with any martial
activities, if a good one can be devised, is better than a name that
has associations with just one or two.

Daniel (any martial activity ... I know!  Sable Authorization Card!)
de Lincolino
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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