[ANSTHRLD] New Award Discussion

agnarr agnarr at cox.net
Wed Feb 2 01:53:21 PST 2005

Daniel Wrote:

> Also, gauntlets usually have to do more with heavy combat, I think, not so 
> likely in rapier combat, > irrelevant to equestrian activities, and almost 
> counterproductive in archery (at least on the drawing
> hand).  Another idea I had, Sable Sword, would have much the same effect. 
> I think that a name > that does not jar with any martial activities, if a 
> good one can be devised, is better than a name
> that has associations with just one or two.

Well I was thinking more in the line that a glove being called a gauntlet 
more then the hard-shell hand covering that is used for heavy combat.  (I 
know that I personally use gloves for Heavy, Rapier and for all of my 
Archery activities and I thought the use of gloves for Siege and Equestrian 
to be standard as well.)

Oh well, I will think on this some more tomarrow and If I think of something 
different I will post it.

Agnarr Thorvaldsson 

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