[ANSTHRLD] New Award Discussion

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Wed Feb 2 07:06:46 PST 2005

> I also took into consideration something Master Francois 
> mentioned.  He noted that we have the Sable Crane (animal) 
> and Sable Thistle (plant), so the Sable <Whatever> should be 
> a mineral (or man-made).  I admit, I haven't done any kind of 
> conflict checking.

It doesn't *have* to be, of course, but it does have a
certain...completeness about it. :)

> Award of the Sable Cross

A conflict-checking hell, and I don't thank you.

> Award of the Sable Crescent
> Award of the Sable Horn
> Award of the Sable Ring (annulet or torc)

I like these! Haven't checked 'em.

I add to the pile:

Sable Horn (drinking horn: fieldless, a drinking horn sable is clear.)
Sable Boot (fieldless, a boot sable is clear. Unsure if it's a *good* period
charge, and may have reproducability issues.)
Sable Buckle (fieldless, a buckle sable. No, not a buckle AS insignia,
that's for your belt. A buckle as a badge, however.... I like.)

I looked at Sable Rowel, but alas I think there are major conflict issues. I
haven't done a thorough check yet though.

> The insignia I've designed is the same for all of them, just 
> replace the charge as appropriate:
> Or, a <charge> sable and issuant from base a demi-sun gules.  
> It's simple, clean, distinguishable, and Ansteorran.  
> Although, it is a bit similar to a Rising Star.

Yeah, but I kinda like the extra simplicity of "(fieldless), a widget


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