[ANSTHRLD] New Award Discussion

kobrien@texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Wed Feb 2 10:59:30 PST 2005

> > Award of the Sable Cross
> A conflict-checking hell, and I don't thank you.

Actually, it's easy since non-personal name conflict is pretty literal.  One 
group could register "Award of the Black Cross" and someone else could 
register "Award of the Sable Cross".  So, this only needed to be searched on 
as "Sable Cross".  So, the name is clear.  (Now, a related armory conflict 
check could certainly be a nightmare...)

> > Award of the Sable Crescent


> > Award of the Sable Horn


> > Award of the Sable Ring (annulet or torc)


> I add to the pile:
> Sable Horn (drinking horn: fieldless, a drinking horn sable is clear.)


> Sable Boot (fieldless, a boot sable is clear. Unsure if it's a *good*
> period charge, and may have reproducability issues.)


> Sable Buckle (fieldless, a buckle sable. No, not a buckle AS insignia,
> that's for your belt. A buckle as a badge, however.... I like.)


> I looked at Sable Rowel, but alas I think there are major conflict issues.
> I haven't done a thorough check yet though.

> Yeah, but I kinda like the extra simplicity of "(fieldless), a widget
> sable."

Same here.  I like "let's go for simple".

And along that line, here's a name I can't believe is clear (but it is):  
Award of the Sable Star.

It's clear of the Centurions because the Centurions' full order name (Order 
of the Centurions of the Sable Star of Ansteorra) contains an additional 
element (the "Centurions" element).

I also like the idea of "Sable Star" being an element of the Centurions' 
badge ("(Fieldless) On an Eagle displayed wings inverted Or a mullet of five 
greater and five lesser points sable") and in some cases this award would 
presumably be in the path for a future Centurion.

I don't think it would be a recognition problem versus the Centurions (but 
I'm not totally sure) because I've always heard them referred to as 
Centurion - showing that folks generally see "Centurion" as the major 
element in the order name rather than the "Sable Star" element.

What do other folks (including Centurions) here think of this idea?

If folks like it, I think a simple badge would be best - the simpler the 
better.  As close to "(fieldless) a mullet of five greater and five lesser 
points sable" as possible.  I haven't figured out online conflict checking 
for armory yet, and don't have all the mullet rules memorized, so I haven't 
conflict checked this.


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