[ANSTHRLD] Sable Dragon

Christie Ward val_org at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 4 10:35:44 PST 2005

Seamus said:
>I will say that from a court heralds point of view that I very much
>like the Sable Dragon.... It does not denote a type of fighting and it
>is very broad and awe inspiring.....

Unfortunately, if you go to the SCA ordinary and look at sable dragons, 
there are 103 registrations that use black dragons:


Dragons are very much an SCA armory cliché and, as I understand it, 
four-legged dragons do not appear in English heraldry until the late 16th 
century and I think are fairly late elsewhere also.  Wyverns (two-legged 
dragons) were used in English heraldry from the early 14th century, but 
they're folded into the sable dragons above and are likewise heavily used.

I suspect that trying to come up with a badge using a sable dragon would be 
a challenge.


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