[ANSTHRLD] Appeal question

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 8 03:52:14 PST 2005

Perhaps in lieu of an appeal, you might resubmit it with the head facing the opposite direction?  Granted, this could open you up to other conflicts.

tmcd at panix.com wrote:
Crandall, I guess that you are thinking of appealing based on a visual
distinction between a crane's head and a swan's head? I have a scan
of Ealasaid's badge, and the rose really is a maintained charge worth
no CD. As for the rest ... on the Ansteorran LoI miniemblazon,
there's the little tuft on the crane's head, and the beak is shaped
somewhat differently, but both beaks are prominent (and not very
different), both have eye masks, both have long sinuous necks ... they
look a lot alike to me, heraldically. It's also hard to appeal a
visual call, because it comes down to "is too!" "is not!" "is too!".
Frankly, I am not optimistic at all.

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