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On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Brent Ryder <borekvv at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Subject: [ANSTHRLD] Conchobar mac Aonghuis - Now to be Conchobar mac Innes
> failed to mention he now wants 'macInnes' as his surname.
> I have no docs for 'mac Innes' or what ever ...

Please be careful when typing submitted names or other information
about what submitters want.  It's easy to compensate for simple typos
in the running text, but some people get oddly attached to there exact
spelling, and a slight typo might be an entirely different name (e.g.,
John versus Jon: different names, different derivations).

He wants "mac Innes" with one space?

> Conchobar - OCorrain and MacGuire, "Irish Names", pg 57,
> s.n. 'Conchobhar', lists as being seen from 882 to the middle ages

First, the formatting stuff.  If you want an accented form, it's
    Ó Corrain and Maguire
If you want it Da'uded instead,
    {O'} Corrain and Maguire
    O Corrain and Maguire
Among name experts,
Book titles are italicized or underscored, neither of which can be
done in this medium (unless you do *...* or _..._).  Names of articles
or other short works go in quotation marks.  The standard abbrev. for
"page" is "p.".  A named time period is capitalized: "Middle Ages".

The substantive comment: lists exactly what (that is, the precise
spelling), seen as what?  I wish I had OCM's _Irish Names_ so I could
fill that in.

Daniel de Lindo Colonia
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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