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I'm busy filling in class hours in the schedule, and we're light on
onomastics this year, with only three classes so far:

=Names from south-western Switzerland, 12th to 16th C - Lady Aryanhwy
merch Catmael
=Republican Roman Naming Practices - Dominus Meradudd Cethin
=12th-13th Century French Naming - Lady Galiana de Baiona

Armory has overflowed its bounds, with:

=Heraldic Display in Late Period Scotland - THLady Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan
=Undecided - Lady Teceangl Bach
=Heraldic Display for the Height of the Tournament - Lord Roderick
Conall MacLeod
=Armory at the Battle of Bosworth Field, Leicestershire, England, 1485
- Mistress Shauna of Carrick Point
=Conflict Checking Overview - THLady Alia Marie de Blois
=Conflict Checking Practicum - THLady Alia Marie de Blois
=Creative Armory - THLord Pendar the Bard
=A guide for 'gentill men and honest persones'(Heraldry in the Boke of
S. Albans) - Master Da'ud ibn Auda

Voice has four classes:

=Vocal Production for Court and Field - Sheik Omar Mohammud Mirzazadeh
=Court Heraldry - Master Hagar the Black
=Court Heraldry - Master Adam Stedefast
=Beginning Field Heraldry - Lord Æthelwulf the Goliard

Administration and Miscellaneous Topics has six hours:

=Basic Book Care and Repair - Lady Sorcha MacLeod
=Finances for Heralds - Maestra Ghita, Society Exchequer
=Discussion: Heraldry Interkingdom Anthropology - Moderator: Laurel
=Beginning Protocol - Earl Cathyn Fitzgerald
=Commentary: Elementary My Dear Herald - Master Da'ud ibn Auda
=Discussion:Heraldry/CoA Issues - Moderator: Laurel

There are only seven class-hours left!  If you'd like to teach, e-mail
me soon.  Schedule accomodation is made on a first-come, first-served
basis, so if there's something you'd really like to take, please
include your first and second choice in your e-mail, so I can try to
make sure you get to attend at least one of them.  There is no
guarantee, and so far, most instructors do not want to be opposite the
Heraldry/CoA Issues discussion - if you do -not- plan to attend that
discussion, please let me know that you may be scheduled against it.

The schedule is now open to allow instructors to teach two class hours
if they wish, so if you have a second class you'd like to present, you
may now submit it for scheduling.

In service,

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