[ANSTHRLD] Have you received an award from an Ansteorran Crown?

Zodiacus Herald zodiacus at ansteorra.org
Tue Jan 11 21:27:14 PST 2005

[Posted to Ansteorra_announce at the request of the Star Principal Herald.]
Then please check out the latest online edition of the Ansteorran Roll of
Precedence to find out if your award has been reported to the heralds!


(This is a .pdf file.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your
system to read this document.)

If you find an error or omission, please email me at zodiacus at ansteorra.org
and I'll discuss your particular situation with you.  Not every court gets
recorded, and sometimes data gets corrupted, meaning awards are "lost".  I
want to "find" your award, and the best person to let me know if something's
missing is you!

*Please* do not post back responses to this list!  They should be sent
directly to me as described.

Right now we are in a transition period with the database.  Many of the
features of the past, such as the alphabetical .html files, the appendices
to the .pdf document, and the PalmPilot version, are not available at this
time.  We will bring them back as the new database program is configured to
generate those items.

In addition, we have added a new feature to the Roll of Precedence webpage.
You may now view in advance the Zodiacus report that will appear in the
February 2005 Black Star by clicking on the relevant link.  This contains
information available to me as of 5 January 2005 on courts held from October
2004 through December 2004.

In service to Ansteorra,
Serena, Zodiacus

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