[ANSTHRLD] request for help documenting German name

Doug Bell debell1 at txcyber.com
Tue Jan 11 21:29:07 PST 2005

> Eule von Haginbald
> His Excellency has been trying on and off to register his name for many
> years.  He told me that he went to a heralds' consult table a couple of
> years ago and found stuff, but could then find no heralds to help him with
> the forms.

If a name is registerable you can find a herald to help you with the forms,
suggesting, maybe this name was not thought registerable.

Eule means owl in German.  It may also mean a potter but the spelling is a
bit in question there.  It is a surname in German but no trace of its use as
a given name turned up.  Animals get used as bynames regularly in German but
I find only a very rare few used as given names.

Haginbald sounds German but a Google search showed no such place in Germany.
 The only returns were SCA related.
It might be constructable but that is another issue.

Ask the submitter where the name was documented from or where the name came
from.  He must have some source that he found it in and liked it.

Magnus von Lubeck

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