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Please copy this information to your kingdom's heraldry e-mail list if
it is not in the header above.  (Nothing personal, I just haven't
moved all my subscriptions to this address yet.)
KWHS 2005 will be held 22-24 July in Longmont, Colorado (Outlands).

PLEASE NOTE: The Raintree became a Raddison at the first of the year.
Hotel costs for the event are $79/night, for up to four people in the
room.  Call 1-800-843-8240 and request the weekend of 22-26 SCA Block
at the Raddison.  To pre-register for the event or volunteer to teach
a scribal class, please contact the autocrat, Mistress Rossilin, at
kwhss at outlandsheralds.org.  To volunteer to teach a heraldry class,
please contact Lady Sorcha at whitestag at outlands.org.  See the
(updates in process) website at:

Heraldry classes so far:

Teachers and Classes

-Master Adam Stedefast - Court Heraldry
-Master Hagar the Black - Court Heraldry 
-Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael - Undecided
-Lady Teceangl Bach - Undecided
-Lord Roderick Conall MacLeod - Heraldic Display for the Height of the
-Tournament Earl Cathyn Fitzgerald - Beginners Protocol
-Lady Sorcha MacLeod - Basic Book Care and Repair
-Lord AEthelwulf the Goliard - Beginning Field Heraldry
-THLord Pendar the Bard - Creative Armory
-Sheik Omar Mohammud Mirzazadeh - Vocal Production for Court and Field
-Mistress Shauna of Carrick Point - Armory at the Battle of Bosworth
Field, Leicestershire, England, 1485 - shauna at bresnan.net
-THLady Alia Marie de Blois - Conflict Checking OR Commentary 101
-Dominus Meradudd Cethin - Republican Roman Naming Practices

Discussion Panels
-Heraldry IKA -Moderated by Laurel
-Heraldry/CoA issues -Moderated by Laurel

Requested classes without teachers yet:
-Commenting How-to, or Commentary 101 (Internal) and Commentary 201 (External)
-Historical armory classes
-Conflict Checking
-Onomastics classes
-History of heralds/heraldry


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