[ANSTHRLD] KWHS info - correction

Sorcha ackerson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 09:54:53 PST 2005

Greetings, all,

I'll try to keep the need for such corrections to a minimum - my
thanks to Master Daniel de Lincoln for notifying me of the errors.

> Please copy this information to your kingdom's heraldry e-mail list if
> it is not in the header above.  (Nothing personal, I just haven't
> moved all my subscriptions to this address yet.)
KWHS 2005 will be held 22-24 July at the Radisson Hotel and
Conference Center Longmont-Boulder in Longmont, Colorado (Outlands).

PLEASE NOTE: The Raintree became a Radisson at the first of the year.
Hotel costs for the event are $79/night, for up to four people in the
room.  Call 1-800-843-8240 or 1-303-776-2000 and request the

July 22-24 SCA Block

at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center Longmont-Boulder .

To pre-register for the event or volunteer to teach a scribal class,
please contact the autocrat, Mistress Rossilin, at
kwhss at outlandsheralds.org.

To volunteer to teach a heraldry class, please contact Lady Sorcha at
whitestag at outlands.org.

See the (updates in process) website at:

Sorry for any confusion.

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