[ANSTHRLD] Eule's name documentation

Christie Ward val_org at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 18 08:22:18 PST 2005

I haven't heard any news as to how folks fared in coming up with name 
documentation for Eule.

I asked the Academy of St. Gabriel folk if they had any ideas, and here's 
what I got back:

>>I'd like to get some feedback on a possible 15th-16th c.
>>German name <Eule von Haginbald>.

Talan Gwynek <BMScott at stratos.net> responded:
>Off the top of my head I don't believe either half: the
>'owl' word does not appear to have been used as a forename
>or name theme in any Germanic language, and <Haginbald> is
>more believable as a hypothetical dithematic forename than
>as a place-name.
>There's a cheat for the forename, however.  The modern
>surname <Uhl> is from a pet form of <Ulrich>.  This pet form
>takes a number of shapes, one of which is <Ule> (e.g.,
><Wernh. cognomine Ule> 1253 from Brechenmacher s.n. <Uhl>).
>The Middle High German precursor of modern <Eule> 'owl' took
>several forms, one of which was <ule> (which is also Middle
>Low German); see Brech. s.n. <Uhlenhart>.  The two are
>unrelated, but ... .
>Brech. s.n. <Hagenbach(er)> has <Rud. dictus Hagunbach>
>1292.  <Ule von Hagunbach> is certainly possible.

Kees Nieuwenhuijsen <kees.nieuwenhuijsen at tip.nl> had a suggestion for 
another way to approach the name:
>Eule as a family name presently still exists in Germany.
>In The Netherlands, the equivalent (den) Uil (or Uijl or Uyl) is a common 
>family name. In the 1970's, we had a prime minister named Joop den Uyl.
>The first time this family name was recorded in our country, according to  
>(search for uijl):
>Joost Jansz Uuyl, lakenkoper, woont in de Pijlsteeg in een huis, daar den 
>Uuyl uithangt, aangeslagene bij de capitale impositie van 1585 te 
>For those who don't read Dutch:
>Joost Jan's son was a cloth merchant, living in the Pijlsteeg (Arrow alley) 
>in Amsterdam. At his house was a signboard showing an owl.
>If 'owl' existed as a byname in 16C Holland, it is likely that it also 
>existed in Germany.


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