[ANSTHRLD] cross question

Brent Ryder borekvv at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 31 12:11:15 PST 2005

>I have a question about a celtic cross charge.  Is there a default picture 
>for a celtic cross (Pic Dic >perhaps)?  I have a submitter who wishes to 
>register a device with a celtic cross and the way she >has drawn it, it is 
>best described as an equal-armed celtic cross potent.  The ends of the 
>cross arms >are clearly "T" in shape.  I've seen various celtic crosses 
>that have all manner of different ends to >the cross arms, and wanted to 
>check if there was any particular verbage I should use.  Granted, >the 
>emblazon is what is important, and not so much the blazon, but I'd like to 
>get the blazon as >close to correct as possible.

I've seen the arms flred out a pit, but not potenty. It would be a varient 
so far as I can tell and just needs to be blazoned as a celtic cross 
potenty. Shouldn't be a problem considering some of the other cross 
variations that have been passed so far.


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