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Ronda Roberts rivyn at msn.com
Sun Jun 12 17:50:33 PDT 2005

<< I don't know what most of your proposals mean, so please explain them.
Please also explain how each one fits one of the known patterns of
heraldic titles.  (I can see only one that fits a pattern: a "bezant"
is a roundel Or, so it fits the "heraldic charges" pattern.)  Danielis 

My deepest apologies.  Rather than go into detail as to what each of the 
terms mean, I am copying and pasting the link here so that everyone may see 
where I got them from.  They just sounded like they would be pretty nifty 
heraldic titles to me.  I do apologize if I might have offended someone with 


In Service to the Dream,
Muriel filia Donaldi de Skia

You know the person sitting next to you in the theater is in the SCA when 
they start picking apart the medieval movies and saying, "That's not period! 
  Hey wait --- They didn't have those back then!"

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