[ANSTHRLD] Hello?? (was "Conflict Checks (2)")

Snorri Hallsson snorri.hallsson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 13:46:30 PDT 2005

Just kinda curious whether this is even making it to the list, since
I've had a request for two conflict checks out for six days now and
I've never known this list to not jump on a conflict check like a
hound dog on a junebug.  Could someone please check on the following
two blazons, since I don't trust my own conflict checking any more
than I can throw it?  (I can check for others just fine - can't check
for myself or my wife to save me.)

1) Gyronny arrondi of six Or and gules, an orle sable.
2) Per fess dancetty purpure and argent, a turtle counterchanged.

If you're working on these, please fire off an e-mail privately or to
the list and let me know; otherwise I'm going to assume I'm losing my
mind because none of my posts are making it to the list for some
reason or that the server has it in for me.

(Please keep in mind that neither sanity nor technology jokes are
allowed in our house as there have been recorded histories of
meltdowns of both - and FYI, did you know that you're not supposed to
directly connect a CD-RW drive to a motherboard via the power cable as
it makes the smoke detector go off?)

Snorri the (twitch) Just Fine (twitch)

P.S.  I can hear you laughing from here ... like you never
accidentally fried a motherboard before ...

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