[ANSTHRLD] Question on a Device

Brent Ryder borekvv at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 27 13:14:01 PDT 2005

>Actually my name is already registered within the SCA, in the Kingdom of 
>Atlantia, my previous kingdom.  I do still have the letter that the Golden 
>Dolphin Herald sent to me via snail mail notifying me of it in case I 
>needed it here for some reason.

Great, when was it registered? BTW, registrations of names, device and 
badges are SCA wide, there is only a notation of which kingdom the submitter 
originated the submission. The letter is a nice thing, but knowing the month 
and year it was reported in the LoAR makes it permenantly available and 
instantly check-able online.

>As for the device, what if the line dividing it in half were to be 
>'rayonny' instead of a straight line?

Here is where we run into a couple of problems. Since the two tinctures 
chosen are colors, there would be an identifyability issue if you chose a 
complex line of division. The other issue comes in regards to the primary 
charge lying over the line of division obscuring a large protion of it and 
again making for identifyability issues. You could change the tincture of 
half the field to Argent, you could add a bordure tinctured Or or Argent 
with a complex line, a chief or base with the same. Each could be charged 
for additional CD's as needed.

>Would that be permissible and not conflict?

The problem here would lay in a violation of the Rules for Submissions (RfS)

>How would something like that be worded or blazoned?

Assuming it was possible, it would be "Per pale rayonny sable and purpure, a 
horse rampant Or"

>Would the horse be able to bear perhaps the device of my household and if 
>so how would something like that be blazoned?

That would be adding an "Escutcheon of Pretense" and not allowable under SCA 
rules. It would amount to an augmentation if nothing else and those are 
given by the crown and the final design approved by the Ansteorran College 
of Heralds. You could add a charge or semy of charges to the horse to add a 
CD though.

Sorry for appearing to be such a noob about this.

We were all there once and you don't learn without asking questions :)


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