[ANSTHRLD] Re: Question on Device

Ronda Roberts rivyn at msn.com
Mon Jun 27 14:32:54 PDT 2005

I like your idea Sorcha!

Ok, so if I were to make the device 'sable a horse rampant or charged on the 
shoulder with a cross purpure' that might be more acceptable and therefore 
less likely to conflict with anything?

Thanks a million for all the help everyone, I sure do appreciate it.  This 
is the link however to show that my name is indeed registered.    

In Service to the Dream,
Muriel filia Donaldi de Skia

You know the person sitting next to you in the theater is in the SCA when 
they start picking apart the medieval movies and saying, "That's not period! 
  Hey wait --- They didn't have those back then!"

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