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Tue Jun 28 16:25:31 PDT 2005

Greetings unto the Stellar Heralds of Ansteorra,
I am a very (VERY) new herald. I have a lot of basic knowledge but still 
have so much to learn. At the moment I have a limited amount of resources to 
draw from thus the following questions:
 1. My husband has chosen to be difficult about his last name. He has given 
me two options (neither of which I consider viable) to work with. The fist 
option is this:

*(which in modern terms means sugar bear). I know that as a nickname or even 
a name signifying he is from the area around or near a tavern or inn with 
that name is a small possibility. In the rules of submission I've found the 
subsection on the word "zum" being used to signify the later idea. However I 
have no way of documenting this idea. Since this is his first choice it is 
the one I'd prefer to iron out and get passed (hopefully). If this doesn't 
happen then the second option is this:
 ( name/word he found in *The Complete Guide to Heraldry* by A.C. Fox on 
page 432. This name is in reference to the supporters used with heraldic 
devices in Germany starting about 1276. He likes the connotations this names 
brings to his mind and the literal meaning (wild forest dweller or something 
very near that.) So, this one is (in my limited opinion) not even as viable 
an option as the first name. 
 2. How do I document a source from St. Gabriel's website?
  Thank you all for your knowledge and help. I look forward to hearing from 
you all about these topics and even more look forward to learning as much as 
possible here on the list.
 In Service,
Hedwig Seiffensider (I still need to register my own name :-p)
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