[ANSTHRLD] Shires and Thank Yous

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Sorry had to resend.

Jayme, no confusion involved.  I am familiar with the Company of the Sable Ram.  Yes they are very similar.  We do not always ask for suggestions from the populace, just like to keep a finger on what the rest of members of the Shire think.  Heck, we even had someone who put in their own name.  Needless to say.  More than anything my post was more of a brief description of what we are and how we pick potentials.  It was also done to show that they do fit within the parameters that Kihe set forth.  As for Star's opinion I for one would be glad to hear and read the advice given.  

Iaen Mor
John Moore

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  Lord Iaen,

  I wasn't asking Star to weigh in on Guardians or Bella Luce. The Shire of Seawinds has the Company of the Sable Ram, which recognizes people for exceptional service. It is somewhat similar to the Guardians of the Gate, only, the Shire is usually not polled. The company members make the selections on their own. I was simply asking Star for her opinion.. Sorry for any confusion my post might've made.


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